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Hardwood Floor Refinishing

When homeowners start to notice that their hardwood floors have lost their luster, they request the refinishing services of Straight Up Construction Inc..

Over the years, we have established ourselves as the leading hardwood floor refinishing contractors in the region. We've secured our position in the community by providing exemplary services at a great rate.

We use only the finest finishes available today. Whether you're looking to refinish your floor with a water-based polyurethane finish or an oil-based finish, you can count on us. Request our services by calling (616) 291-0328 today.

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Old Floors Made New Again

Old homes can come to us in a number of ways—purchasing on the market, inheriting from family members, or renting to one day own. One of the best parts of an older home is that it comes with hardwood floors. Unfortunately, if these floors are very old and haven’t received the proper care and upkeep, they’ll need some tender loving care.

At Straight Up Construction Inc., we can provide the team effort and accumulated skill to solve all your floor restoration needs. We pride ourselves in our care for older homes, and passion in refinishing floors until they’re pigmented, shiny and new looking.

Fast Turnarounds on Floor Refinishing

In the interest of customer satisfaction, we pledge to carry out our duties in a swift and timely fashion. We'll refinish your floors with ease, and we will do so without cutting corners or resorting to quick-fix solutions.

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Restoring Hardwood to Its Former Glory

Everyone knows that older homes harbor great treasures. From the moldings and the light fixtures to the building's sheer structural integrity, homes from the mid-century period or earlier are incomparable to the prefabricated homes of today.

There are times when the hardwood floor in these old homes does not look as wonderful as it should. It might have hard-to-ignore scuff marks, or the finish may have even worn off. While this might frustrate some homeowners, there are those that know this is nothing more than a minor problem. When you know that our company offers exceptional hardwood refinishing services, rectifying the issue is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

When you request our services, you can expect any number of benefits, such as:

Add Beauty to Your Floors

Everyday household activity might seem harmless, but over time it can ravage your flooring system. When our contractors refinish your hardwood floors, we remove much of the discoloration, grit, grime, and unsightly scratches that have plagued your floor for years. Before long, your floor will look wonderful once again.

Increase Your Floor's Lifespan

A hardwood finish does more than revitalize your floor. It ensures that your floor will look incredible for years to come. With a quality finish courtesy of our flooring company, your floors will have that extra protective layer needed to fend off the issues that can age flooring faster than normal.

Refinishing Saves You Money

There are those who might want to replace their floorboards altogether. While that might seem like a savvy solution for some, there are many instances where simply refinishing the floor might be the more cost-effective solution. Refinishing ensures lower labor costs and less money spent on materials.

Boost Your Home's Value

Many potential homebuyers are drawn to well-preserved hardwood floors. What's more, many buyers are drawn to a floor they don't need to refinish or replace themselves. When you invest a little bit of time and money into your floors, you'll be sure to reap the benefits when you put your home on the market.

Why Hardwood Flooring?

If you’re thinking of covering up your older hardwood flooring with carpet, think again. Aside from looking classy and showing off the style of your older home, there are more benefits to consider.


Think about a dirty old carpet—there’s a lot going on inside it. A dirty hardwood floor? Give it a sweep and you’re pretty much done.


As listed above, except when you’re refinishing a hardwood floor, sweeping or vacuuming once a week will be enough to keep it clean.


Keeping an existing floor is far more sustainable than replacing it or covering it with carpeting material.


It’s lasted this long, and can last even longer. Hardwood flooring will survive 25 years without maintenance!

Why Not Laminate, or New Hardwood?

Hardwood flooring has stayed trendy over the years, even encouraging the invention of materials like laminate that imitate its appearance but tend to cost a little less.

So why keep the old flooring when you can just get something new?

Well, if time and cost are of any consideration as they are with most of our clients, you’ll want to choose refinishing.

Installing a new floor will take you two to four weeks, whereas refinishing can be finished in three to five days!

When it comes to cost, you’re looking at a $3,000 dollar difference!

So if you don’t absolutely need to replace your hardwood floors, choose to refinish. You won’t regret it.

Can I Refinish?

You may be looking at your floor now and wondering if it’s too far gone. Lucky for you, that is highly unlikely. Hardwood floors can be professionally refinished just about every time. If it’s not an option it’s usually because of one or more of the following reasons:


If the wood has already been sanded down an extreme amount, we won’t want to risk going any further, because it won’t support you anymore!


If a carpet has been screwed in to the flooring for many years, there may be too much damage from screws.


If your floor has had pests the wood is likely to be brittle and just not a good bet for restoration.

Your Floor Refinishing Company

At Straight Up Construction Inc., we consider ourselves to be the clients’ refinishing company. We have a strong focus on customer service, and making sure every job turns out exactly as expected, if not better.

Give us a call today and let’s get that floor looking its best!

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